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    Pos Service Holland
    Pos Service Holland is an international wholesaler in the field of starter Motors and alternators.


For every branch PSH has an extensive webshop with starters and alternators. For each unit a width range of several OEM numbers are mentioned and all the units are provided by comprehensive information.

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VP-001 Plug Set

PSH has a stock of various connectors for the most common car alternators. These connectors can easily replace the old and broken ones to get the alternator operating again.

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Used Equipment

Regulary, PSH has various second –hand equipment in stock, such as testers, Industrial cleaning equipment and transmissions. Click below for a current overview.

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Starters & Alternators

With more than 9.000 types of starter motors
and alternators,
Pos Service Holland covers
more than 85%
of the automotive and
agricultural industry.
PSH also provides
units for trucks and the shipping market.