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    Starters & Alternators
    With more than 9.000 types of starter motors and alternators, Pos Service Holland covers more than 85% of the automotive and agricultural industry.
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    Since 2004 Pos Service Holland has its own cores division, which specializes in used starters motors and alternators.
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    Handheld Testers
    Can test the alternator when it is still mounted on the car or to be used in combination with all conventional test benches.
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    Test Benches
    The test bench is equipped with the latest testing technology for the modern workshop or production facility.
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    Parts Testers
    The Motoplat range also includes parts testers to easily checks for any short circuits on parts as stator windings, rectifiers and armatures.
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    Washing Machines
    Magido cabinet washers are made from durable stainless steel and are perfect for high volume industrial use, and will give years of reliabe service.

The CV-615A is a high end production test bench with a sturdy look and meant to last in the modern workshop. Its high power motor in combination with its computer controlled load bank makes it easy to test up to 600amps.

The CV-615A is equipped with the latest testing technology for the modern workshop or production facility, such as API+ technology which automatically identifies COM protocols within 2 seconds. These 23 protocols are displayed together with their ID codes, which makes development in remanufacturing easier, cheaper and more clear. A modern windows PC is included for internet support and to generate modern and extensive reports.


  • Sturdy frame meant to last
  • Production ready
  • 380V 3 Phase
  • 12/24volt testing
  • 600A (12Volt)/300A (24Volt)
  • 15KW motor (20HP)
  • 2-way pneumatic tensioning
  • Front mount by servo motor
  • Direct drive and/or belt drive
  • Extensive manual testing features
  • Bright colored displays
  • Step less rpm control
  • Step by step load control up to 600amps
  • Oscilloscope built-in
  • API+ high speed automatic protocol identification
  • (23 protocols with regulator ID’s)
  • Extensive regulator control
  • Displays regulator errors
  • Shows unique regulator ID code
  • Tests all PWM controlled alternators even 24 Volt
  • In depth DFM testing
  • Auto testing capabilities + wizard/learning mode
  • Endurance Test can be fully adapted
  • Preset Database (can be adapted by customer)
  • Auto test plug harnesses (others optional)
  • Manual select knob for auto/manual testing modes
  • New developed software layout (can be adapted in any way)
  • Auto test function even without computer
  • Small high end computer (windows 7), wide screen monitor
  • and LaserJet printer included.
  • Extensive report printing with performance curve
  • Sturdy mounting accessories and plugs included
  • Reliable tester, ready for the future and can be updated easily
  • Fast service and support
  • CE certified