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    Starters & Alternators
    With more than 10.500 types of starter motors and alternators, Pos Service Holland covers more than 85% of the automotive and agricultural industry.
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    Since 2004 Pos Service Holland has its own cores division, which specializes in used starters motors and alternators.
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    Handheld Testers
    Can test the alternator when it is still mounted on the car or to be used in combination with all conventional test benches.
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    Test Benches
    The test bench is equipped with the latest testing technology for the modern workshop or production facility.
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    Parts Testers
    The Motoplat range also includes parts testers to easily checks for any short circuits on parts as stator windings, rectifiers and armatures.

Robarcko Acquisition - FAQ

Published: 16-06-2022

With great pleasure we informed you on 30-03-22 about the latest development between Pos Service Holland B.V. (PSH) and Robarcko B.V. Per 29-03-2022, Robarcko B.V. is wholly owned by PSH. Combining forces, will further strengthen our position within the worldwide rotating electric market. As an addition to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) we sent out before, please find here the a new an updated version of the FAQ. If there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager.

Q1. How do I get login details for the webshop of PSH?
Please contact your current account manager at Robarcko.

Q2. Will the RNL brand continue to exist?
Yes, the RNL brand will continue to exist.

Q3. Can we still order from the webshop of Robarcko?
Yes, you can still order from the webshop of Robarcko.

Q4. Will Robarcko’s facility close and move to PSH Ankeveen?
In due time, Robarcko will be fully integrated within PSH and all employees will move to PSH’s HQ in Ankeveen, after which Robarcko’s facility will close.

Q5. Do I get the same payment terms?
Yes, however credit limits will need to be assessed based on risk.

Q6. Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?
Please contact your current account manager.

Q7. Who will be my account manager?
For now, the accounts will stay with the current account manager. As soon as the customer lists are compared, we will decide who is going to serve the customer.

Q8. When do PSH customers get access to the webshop of Robarcko?
This will be set up in the coming weeks. Inventories will be connected in due time.

Q9. Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?
No, there will not be any staffing changes that affects you.

Q10. Will inventory levels remain the same?
The width and availability of the assortment will grow, inventory levels (depth) will be aligned with the total size of the company.

Q11. Will service quality/policies change?
Policies might be aligned between companies in due time.

Q12. Will the warranty policies of both companies stay in effect?
Yes, the warranty policies of both companies will stay in effect but might be aligned between companies in duetime.

Q13. What do I stand to gain from the acquisition? What are the benefits for me?
Better access to a larger and even wider inventory.

Q14. What will happen with my prices? Will all prices be aligned for the PSH group?
Prices will be aligned between companies in due time.

Q15. What will happen with special agreements?
For now, special agreements will stay in effect, but in due time might be aligned between companies. If there will be any changes in the future, you will be contacted personally.

Q16. From which warehouse/country orders will be send to me?
It depends where you place the order. If you order from Robarcko, the order will be sent from theirwarehouse. If you order from PSH, you will be served from one of the PSH warehouses, depending on which of our webshops you use, your location and stock availability.

Q17. Can I choose where I want to order from (from which warehouse)?
Soon, the systems of Robarcko and PSH will be linked. As soon as this option is available, you will be informed.

Q18. Should I still make payments to the bank account of Robarcko for my orders from Robarcko?
Yes, if bank account will change in the future, you will be informed about this in time.

Q19. If I order from Robarcko, which brand will be delivered, RNL, +line, Wood Auto?
If you order RNL from Robarcko, the RNL brand will be delivered.

Q20. Will OE options still be available?
Yes, OE will still be available.

Q21. Can I ask PSH questions about, for example the goods of Robarcko?
When you have questions concerning the products or service of Robarcko, please contact Robarcko directly.

Q22. Will the email addresses and phone numbers stay the same?
Contact details will remain the same until further notice. In due time Robarcko will be fully integrated withinPSH and contact details might change. But if so, you will be informed about this in time.