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    Starters & Alternators
    With more than 10.500 types of starter motors and alternators, Pos Service Holland covers more than 85% of the automotive and agricultural industry.
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    Since 2004 Pos Service Holland has its own cores division, which specializes in used starters motors and alternators.
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    Handheld Testers
    Can test the alternator when it is still mounted on the car or to be used in combination with all conventional test benches.
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    Test Benches
    The test bench is equipped with the latest testing technology for the modern workshop or production facility.
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    Parts Testers
    The Motoplat range also includes parts testers to easily checks for any short circuits on parts as stator windings, rectifiers and armatures.

Alternator Plugs

PSH has a stock of various connectors for the most common car alternators.  These connectors can easily replace the old and broken ones to get the alternator operating again.

Article No. PSH code Description
VP-001 021.100.990 Plug Set
VP-002 021.100.991 Plug Set


Article No. PSH code Description
VP-100 021.100.163 Daewoo
VP-101 021.100.164 Volkswagen
VP-102 021.100.165 Chrysler
VP-103 021.100.166 Opel
VP-104 021.100.167 BMW
VP-105 021.100.168 Ford/Volvo
VP-106 021.100.169 Toyota
VP-107 021.100.170 Hitachi 2-polig
VP-108 021.100.171 Hitachi
VP-109 021.100.172 ND 4 pol
VP-110 021.100.173 24V 5pol.
VP-111 021.100.174 Hitachi 3 pin round
VP-112 021.100.175 Hitachi 4 pin round
VP-113 021.100.176 Delco 4 pin new
VP-114 021.100.177 Renault Old Type
VP-115 021.100.178 Renault new Com type
VP-117 021.100.179 Honda Denso
VP-118 021.100.180 Chrysler
VP-119 021.100.181 Mitsubishi Chrysler
VP-120 021.100.182 Valeo ST